The Friends of the “Mary Gordon”

The Mary Gordon electric river boat is the oldest electrically powered craft still in existence. Having been saved many times from destruction, she is now being restored, to carry passengers on Britain’s oldest canal, the Fossdyke, in Lincoln.

The Heritage Lottery Fund are interested in supporting the use of the signal box at Brayford Crossing as a heritage centre which could be used to tell the story of Brayford and The Mary Gordon, as well as the history of the railway yards in the area. The building is grade 2 listed and there is planning permission to move it on to Brayford Waterside under the guidance of English Heritage. The idea has the support of Network Rail, The University of Lincoln and Lincoln MP Karl McCartney. The Railway Heritage Trust have agreed to fund the cost of the platform which would be needed to stand it on. In the long term this would make a permanent mooring for the Mary Gordon in Lincoln, which we have aspired to for many years.

A proposal for restoration of the craft itself has recently been made to the Heritage Lottery fund, the proposal can be read in full here, and there is also a summary available.

The Friends of the Mary Gordon are interested in any memories of trips in the boat and any stories and information about its history and construction. Please get in touch!

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