Local MP Comments

Date Posted: February 4, 2004

In her column in the Lincolnshire Echo January 21st 2004, headed “Losing the Mary Gordon would be a blow to Lincoln and those who work to restore her” local MP Gillian Merron states:

“This week I have publicly backed the the Friends of the Mary Gordon, the local group committed to the restoration of Britain’s oldest surviving electric boat of which I have proudly been patron for a number of years.
The Friends of the Mary Gordon have raised thousands of pounds to help restore this magnificent boat, but a legal wrangle, publicised in the Echo, over who owns the boat has put its future in doubt.

Losing this boat would be a great loss to Lincoln and to the people who have worked so tirelessly to restore the Mary Gordon to her former glory.

Many of my consituents, including my secretary and her mother, have happy memories of when the Mary Gordon was in good working order and remain loyal to plans for her restoration.

A trip on the Mary Gordon was a big day out for many families and while times have changed, the special regard the Mary Gordon commands has not.”

The Lincolnshire Echo Saturday 17th January 2004 put as front page news the attempt by David Lawrence to claim that the Mary Gordon Trust should pay him 10,000 pounds for the boat.

In the Echo’s editorial column they state: “the only hope now is for the so far unreasonable Mr Lawrence to eventually see reason. History will not look kindly on his selfish attempt to scuttle such an important part of our local heritage.”

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