2007 Christmas Update

Date Posted: December 30, 2007

Welcome to our December Newsletter.

Yesterday I delivered the Heritage Lottery Application to HLF offices in Nottingham. We did submit it in September but we used the wrong form and our HLF case officer, Amanda Turner, suggested we stand back, review it and re-submit. This was very good advice because, even after 8 years work, there were several things we had not covered in sufficient detail. The business plan runs to 40 pages and can be seen on the website. There are over 30 supporting documents and the whole shebang was carefully collated and labelled up by Vanessa and presented in a box file (actually a small suitcase). We will not know until June whether or not we have been successful, but I am sure there will be dialogue with HLF before then, thanks to everyone involved, particularly our patron Gillian Merron MP who has given me great encouragement.

Following a presentation to The Brayford Trust in October where we received a very encouraging response, a mooring for the Mary Gordon has been offered within the excellent new moorings on Brayford Wharf South. Our thanks to all concerned.

Tony Johns received the following fascinating e mail from one of his Institute of Electrical Engineers. Firstly, in the Electrical Review 1900 – vol.47, no.1195, 19th October 1900, p.622

Electric Launch – The launch took place recently of the Mary Gordon, an electric launch built by the Thames Electric and Steam Launch Company, Chiswick, W., to the order of the Leeds Corporation, to run on the Waterloo Lake, Roundhay Park. The Mary Gordon is 56 feet long, 8 feet 6 inches beam, and has a draught of about 2 feet 6 inches, and a displacement of 7 3/4 tons. The accumulators run under the seats forward; the motor is aft under the flow in a lead-lined compartment, and is connected water-tight direct to the propeller shaft. The steering wheel is placed forward near the controlling switch with one lever, giving two speeds ahead and two speeds astern. The speed of the motor is considerably less than that employed on electrical launches, but the advantage gained is the absence of vibration. The whole of the electrical work was executed at the “Strand on the Green” Works, Chiswick. The Mary Gordon is a similar vessel to the Viscountess Bury, The first electric passenger boat on the Thames, designed and built by W.S. Sargeant for Messrs Immisch & Co. in 1888.

The other 2 little pieces come from the Electrical Engineer, vol.26, 1900, 14th September, p.391


The new electric launch for Roundhay Park Lake, which is being built to the order of the Leeds Corporation, is expected to be ready for launching on the Thames about Monday next. The vessel, which will hold 45 passengers, will be named the Mary Gordon as a compliment to the present lady mayoress.
The 2nd and final reference is 5 October 1900, p.485 which I send as an attachment. Again, the same basic copy is used, though here with some basic figures to illustrate the vessel.

hoping you find these of interest, Chris Jones

A copy of the article is on the website complete with drawings which will be of immense help in the rebuilding.

Blow by Blow Productions Highly Commended in national awards

Congratulations to Andy Blow who has been a great supporter from the beginning. Blow by Blow Productions was Highly Commended for the documentary Lincoln and Typhoid part of the new Bygone Lincoln DVD 2 price £ 12.99.

Producer Andrew Blow said: ” We felt very proud of this achievement in the IOV awards especially as our documentary was self-funded and made in our spare time! The documentary winner was shot in Kenya and carried a voice-over by Joanna Lumley. ”

See Andrew Blow receive the award from ITV weather girl Sean Lloyd.

See a clip from Lincoln and Typhoid.

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