Letter re: Skipper Ross

Date Posted: August 17, 2009

Interesting letter received by Peter Harrold, August 2009, on Skipper Ross:

Dear Mr Harrold,

I recently visited Roundhay Park in Leeds which I haven’t done so for some 20 years and at the information centre I noticed the reference to the “Mary Gordon” which stirred up long forgotten memories.
My grandfather was Skipper Ross Hendry. I only met him for the first time when I was 16 back in 1963 and up until that time I hadn’t realized that he was still alive. There were two things that my father didn’t speak of – one was the war and the other was his father, who separated from his mother when he was only 10 which must have been very traumatic for him at such a young age when couples then rarely separated. It came as a bolt out of the blue when in 1963 my father asked me if I wanted to meet my grandfather. I of course said yes and off we journeyed to Lincoln.

I had a fantastic day, meeting Skipper Ross, sailing in the Mary Gordon and hearing many a tale of his life at sea.

He wrote to me later that year telling me more of the Mary Gordon and of his life. Further letters to me and my dad were sent in 1966 when he was still recovering from his impact with a car and it was at that time he advised that he had sold the MG to Tony Ellis whose brother Dick Ellis would take over as Skipper. Whilst saddened by the departure of the MG he had aquired a smaller boat from which he fished and visited the Pyewipe. He told us he was happy with his life, but obviously wished his health better.

My father died in 2003 and after seeing the reference to the MG in Roundhay Park, I went through some stored papers where I found the various letters I refer to. There are also some fliers/ posters that my grandfather sent me along with an article from the Lincoln newspaper which I guess was dated sometime in 1965. The restoration trust can have these if required.

My wife and I will come over to Lincoln before the end of this year when I would hope to see the MG plus of course the Pyewipe Inn, and the other sites of that city.

My thanks to those that have contributed to the trust web site as it has brought back some important memories and filled in a little bit more of my family history.

With kind regards

Stewart Hendry

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