AGM 2003, Summary

Date Posted: January 1, 2003

The Mary Gordon is believe to be the largest and oldest electrically powered boat in the world, and is acknowledged as being of historic importance by the National Maritime Museums Register of Historic Vessels.
A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes towards restoring the boat to an even better condition than it was previously and this is summarized below.

Steve Mills of Sawley, an expert professional boat builder, has tendered to restore the boat for a cost of £148,000. This will be to a high standard to enable it to be sued for corporate hospitality, board meetings etc. We estimate that the boat will be valued at around 200,000 pounds when fully restored.

Lincoln City Council and British Waterways have given the project their full support and recognise the boat as a potential icon for the Brayford Re-development, where it will be permanently moored.

We are presently considering how the boat will be used once restored, and whilst it will of course have to pay it’s way, we envisage it being a floating museum, accessible to the public, and available for charter by any appropriate parties. We will be especially keen to ensure it is used for educational purposes relating to the history of Lincoln’s Waterways. Lincoln Sea cadets have agreed to look after the boat on a day-to-day basis and use it for training.

We are presently putting together a bid for National Lottery Heritage Funding (HLF) are advised that we have a good chance of obtaining up to 75 per cent (maybe 90 per cent) of the restoration costs from this source. The remainder will come from other grants (the boat will qualify for Entrust awards being electrically powered), donations and sponsorship.

We are applying for further grants from WREN (Entrust) and the science museum (Prism trust).

A sponsorship programme has been launched ‘ Save the Mary Gordon’ offering Bronze, Silver and Gold levels giving sponsors use of the boat on a ‘time share’ basis.

A ‘buy a plank’ scheme has been launched offering individuals a chance to buy a plank for 50 pounds and have their names recorded.

Andy Blow of Blow by Blow productions is making a video of the MG story; two sessions have taken place recording memories of the MG and the restoration will also be filmed.

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