Refloating and Partial Rebuild

Abandoned, sinking into the Trent, the Mary Gordon lost her cabin top and many of her original fittings.

In the late 1970′s she was rescued from her watery grave in the Trent by Graham Mackereth.

In the 1980′s she was taken by road to Hartlepool, where British Shipbuilding Apprentices were given the task of restoring her. The work was sponsored by Leeds City Council who had hoped to see the Mary Gordon restored to giving pleasure boat trips to visitors to Roundhay Park.

Teeside shipbuilding apprentices at work on the hull
Here you see the shipbuilding apprentices at work on the Mary Gordon

The apprentices at Hartlepool had got as far as replacing most of the teak planks below the waterline with larch, and fitting new oak ribs.

The scheme was wound up following the cessation of shipbuilding on the Tees. The Mary Gordon was once more abandoned. There were no facilities to store her, and her ownership was uncertain. She was due to be dumped and burnt.

Once more the Mary Gordon was rescued by Graham Mackereth who took her back to his boat yard at Preston Brook, Cheshire.

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